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Cottage Garden by the Sea

Particular|Garden by the sea
Location Merville-Franceville Size 2000 sqm Specificities Hilly ground
Plant species Rhododendron ponticum
Camelia japonica
Acer palmatum ‘Thunbergii‘
Taxus baccata
Tilia cordata palissés
Viburnum plicatum ‘Lanart

Cottage Garden by the Sea

A thatched cottage in Normandy, a garden with various influences, including the coast, in a variety of tones, all together providing year-round interest. From rhododendrons, magnolias and azaleas in spring, to foliage and bark in winter, through the flowering of roses, lavender, perennials and magnificent hydrangeas all summer long, this garden invites you to take a stroll at any time…

Le jardin valloné de la chaumière en littoral

Large collector’s hydrangeas adorn the base of the thatched cottage.

De grands hydranga bordent le jardin de la chaumière en littoral
Jardin de la chaumière en littoral

Pleached trees

Lime trees have been trained to follow a curve along the brick walkway.

Allée en brique menant à la tonnelle en fer forgée
Allée de jardin chaumière en littoral

Glos bricks

The brick from Glos (Normandy) fits perfectly into this style of gardens. Its nuanced colour and common use in local buildings make it a first-rate material.  Hard-wearing, long-lasting and with a nice patina, it gives the garden a real cachet.

la chaumière bordée de grands hydranga

At the centre of the brick pathway, a large wrought iron arbour shelters beautiful climbing roses.

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