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Garden Under the Pines

Particular|Garden by the sea
Location Merville-Franceville Size 600 sqm Specificities Seaside, wooded
Plant species Pinus pinea and sylvatica
Buxus sempervirens
Quercus ilex
Euonymus japonicus
Lonicera maigrum
Elaeagnus angustifolia

Garden Under the Pines

This garden, located in Normandy, hosts several areas.

Be it the evergreen area, the central garden, or the swimming pool, the vegetation is omnipresent. The link between them all is created by plant compression and general movement. The boxwood topiaries, as well as the spindle hedge, or the holm oaks, are all pruned with the same undulating movement, symbolising the movement of water, the movement of dunes according to the wind direction and strength.

Buis Jardin sous les pins

The free shapes of trees contrast with the compressed box trees.

Essences entremêlées au tour de la piscine du Jardin sous les pins
Zone d'ombre du Jardin sous les pins

“Planting trees around a swimming pool is possible, but a certain distance and certain species must be respected.”

Large trees

The presence of large trees provides pleasant shade in summer and also allows the water to rise by capillary action thanks to the roots. Obviously, specific species must be used to be able to thrive while competing with these large trees.

Jardin sous les pins
Evergreen Jardin sous les pins

A swimming pool area

Enjoying a swimming pool can require a certain amount of privacy, so it is important to structure around it with vegetation to create a space that feels natural and conducive to a certain degree of independence.

Astilbes Jardin sous les pins

The Brendon spring Astilbe sprouts between the box trees and brings colour to the background beds of the garden.

Photos - © Patrice Lebris

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