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Brick and Wood Terrace Garden

Particular|Walled garden
Location Langrunes sur mer Size 80 sqm Specificities Maritime environment, walled, draining soil
Plant species Phillostachys aureosulcata
Phillyrea angustifolia
Acer japonica Orange dream
Geranium biokovo
Ficus carica
Ophiopogon planiscapus niger

Brick and Wood Terrace Garden

This small garden has undergone a complete transformation, from the brick facade cladding to the lawned area transformed into a wooden terrace. The house holds a central location between the sea and its garden, a transversal layout making the garden omnipresent.  The sea on one side, the garden on the other. It was therefore appropriate to make this space both a painting to be seen and a pleasant space to live in.  Custom-built trellis panels add feature to the garden wall, while brick cladding creates the illusion on the house façade. The terrace has a circular shape to break up the straight lines and give a more natural look to the overall layout.

Terrasse jardin de briques et de bois

Lengthwise view of the terrace. Brick cladding covers the house walls, while trellis panels cover the garden walls. The red-orange shades of materials harmonise with the aureosulcata bamboo.

Découpe arrondie de la terrasse du jardin de briques et de bois
Plongée du jardin de briques et de bois

“This former grassy garden has been replaced by a beautiful terrace garden. “

Living with the Sea

The house is facing the sea and its back garden enjoys the view through the large windows.  This cocktail creates a temperate climate, perfect for the plants to flourish.

Plan large de la terrasse du jardin de briques et de bois
Caillebotis jardin de briques et de bois


Made to measure, it was assembled on site and adjusted by the carpenters.  It is made of Iroko wood, commonly used in garden carpentry for its excellent durability.

Bambous et caillebotis autour du jardin de briques et de bois
The old fig tree fits perfectly into its new living space. It is always preferable to take advantage of old subjects to add character to a new creation.
Photos - © PHB