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A Garden on the Horizon

Garden in the countryside
Location Gonneville-sur-mer Size 3000 sqm Specificities Hilly ground
Plant species Rhododendron ponticum
Camelia japonica
Acer palmatum
Taxus baccata
Prunus lusitanica angustifolia

A Garden on the Horizon

A garden enables to make the most of the outdoor space, and is all the more appreciable when the direct perspective opens onto a wooded valley. The shapes of the implanted trees echo the movements of the background tree tops.
The bronze shades of the vegetation, woods and other materials such as Corten steel create a harmonious whole, especially in the autumn.

L'horizon vu depuis la terrasse du jardin

Oak terrace island between the rhododendrons.

Le bois de chêne de la terrasse du jardin à l'horizon
Les grands espaces du jardin à l'horizon

A wooded horizon

The newly created borders aim to blend in with the perspective, and thus give the impression that the forest is on the edge.

Chemin vers la maison dans le jardin à l'horizon
Association des différents matériaux dans le jardin à l'horizon

Oak, an amazing wood

An oakwood terrace, in different shapes and surface cuts provides an ideal structure.  Oak has colours and aspects that bring the surface to life.  Its expansion can vary more than exotic wood, but it remains very durable and is perfectly suited to the regions it comes from.

Terrasse avec vue sur le vallon forestier dans le jardin à l'horizon

View towards the wooded valley