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Garden in Algarve

Particular|Dry garden
Location Near Faro Size 3000 sqm Specificities Hilly, scrubland, semi-arid terrain Contractor Filipe Cavaco Ltd
Plant species Rosmarinus officinalis ball
Artemisia Carcassonne
Quercus ilex
Myoporum parvifolium
Stipa tenuifolia, cistus albidus
Olea europea
Santolina magonica
Tanacetum densum
Pistacia lentiscus

Garden in Algarve

This is above all a difficult and majestic place due to its topographical location.

This well thought-out house is nestled at the head of a valley but slightly down, therefore less exposed to the winds. The very steep slope was making it difficult to walk through the garden or access certain relaxation areas. In a semi-arid region, with 4 to 5 months of possible drought, the gardens were designed primarily for their autonomy and resistance.  The study of the project led us to seek the best integration of the property into its natural environment, the maquis.  The study of the species present, the soil type and the colours all played a part in the gradual development this great transformation. These integrated gardens add interest to the play and relaxation areas (sports ground, swimming pool, terraces), highlight the buildings and form a whole connected with its environment.

Une vue imprenable depuis le Jardin en Algarve

View towards the sea from this garden path winding through a dry-stone wall. An old almond tree provides shade for the new vegetation.

Les essences naturellement présentent habillent les différents espaces du Jardin en Algarve
Chemin à travers la végétation du Jardin en Algarve

“The garden plunges into the surrounding maquis.”

Exceptional views

The property nestled at the top of the valley offers magnificent views.  Overlooking the maquis, the sea can be admired in the distance.

La végétation habille les reliefs du Jardin en Algarve
La brique portugaise du Jardin en Algarve

Dry stone

The Portuguese are highly skilled in dry-stone walling. All the low walls built seem to have existed since long before the garden developments.

Accès à la maison depuis le Jardin en Algarve

View of this terraced garden bordered by myrtus communis gulli, a very dense and resistant dwarf variety.

Photos - © PHB

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