Design - Production

Forest by the sea

Location Villerville Size 8,000m² (4.4 acres) Specificities Listed wood, High erosion risk (red) area, Sesaside
Plant species Juglans nigra
Red cedar
Thuja plicata
Taxodium distichum

A wood at the water’s edge

To get to the sea, the walk across the wood creates this unique link between three environments.

The houses are nestled on a plateau overlooking the coast. The distinctive feature of this place is the wood set in the slope between the plateau and the sea.

Talus dans la forêt en bord de mer
The supporting levels strengthen the slope.
Chemin dans la forêt en bord de mer
Vue d'ensemble forêt en bord de mer
“From the house, the view over the wood invites you to go to the sea.”

Species diversity

The wood is composed of about ten tree species including ash, chestnut, maple and yew trees. We have introduced new species to improve diversity and soil anchorage.

Passerelle dans la forêt en bord de mer
Vue plongeante sur la forêt en bord de mer

Water features

A spring flows from the upper plateau. It was interesting to channel this water and create some wetlands. The walk through the wood has been made more enjoyable with footbridges.

Point d'eau de la forêt en bord de mer

The footbridges add interest to the water features.

The different levels and the water features invite a stroll.

Photos - PHB, Patrice Lebris